About Tom Antion
Tom Antion is an internationally acclaimed expert in Internet Marketing for small business. He is a full time professional speaker who has been in business for over 22 years. Tom never had a real job. Owning a nightclub, hotel, 4 apartment complexes, a practical joke company, and finally his highly successful business - Antion & Associates, Tom has done it all.

If you are active in the speaking or internet marketing world, or just getting started, you have heard of Tom Antion. If you haven't, just type his name into any major search engine like Google, and you can sit there for months reading about him and his successful career as a well-known professional speaker and internet marketing mentor.

Tom & Internet Marketing

Tom has a very simple "Three Prong Attack" on Internet marketing, which is extremely simple and easy to understand. Tom is no "techie." All he cares about is where to click to make money and he teaches his students the exact techniques he uses to pull in $75,000.00 to $220,000.00 in a month from his home office. These consistent high profit / low overhead Internet sales have made Tom an Internet Multi Millionaire in a very short period of time.

Tom has helped hundreds of small businesses make their Internet marketing efforts kick into gear. He has also saved enormous amounts of money by keeping businesspeople and entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes often recommended by "pseudo experts" who never made a nickel on the Internet and relatives that work for big companies.

Tom & Public Speaking

Tom Antion is a highly respected professional speaker who is a veteran of more than 2500 paid speaking engagements. He has helped thousands of other speakers, authors, business presenters, executives and trainers learn how to be top platform performers. Tom is no deep theory guy. He teaches immediately usable techniques that anyone can learn to be great on stage -- and to get paid for it too.


We have put together a website of Testimonials left for Tom Antion.  Click here to check them out.  This is just a few testimonials collected from dozens of business owners like yourself.

Several Year's Salary in One Speech

Tom is also one of the top back of the room sellers in the country. He is typically the top selling speaker at every event he attends and sells even more than the celebrity speakers. He teaches his unique system for Back-of-the-Room Sales in his speaker training materials. How would you like to sell a quarter of a million dollars in one 90 minute speech? . . . Tom will show you how to do it!

He Was Good Enough to Critique the President

Media outlets around the world depend on Tom’s keen business speaking insights. He has been featured on the Canadian Broadcast Network, the Australian Broadcast Network, the Tokyo Today Show, plus hundreds of radio and television stations nationwide. His speaker training materials are sold in 40 countries around the world. Tom was the speaking expert asked by MSNBC to critique President Bush’s speech to Congress. Tom is also the past president of the National Capital Area Speakers Association.

He's Got the Largest Speaking Publication on the Internet

Tom also publishes the largest electronic magazine in the world on public speaking
with over 80,000 subscribers in 80 countries. You can sign up for his ezine at www.antion.com .

"People think they can just wing it," says Tom. "They don't know what they don’t know about pro-level speaking. They could be infinitely more effective if they knew the tricks of the trade to creating home run presentations every time. That’s what I teach them.”

Best Selling Author

Tom's recently published book, "The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Small Business," has hit #2 in the Overall Best Seller's list at Barnes and Noble, right behind Harry Potter. He also held the #1 Best Seller in every single business category at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com . If you would like a copy of the book, visit www.amazon.com and search for Tom Antion.

Now That You Know

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