How to make $2,000 a minute doing Radio Interviews. TeleSeminar with Tom Antion and
Best Selling Author Alex Carroll!

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Bestselling author Alex Carroll is one of the world’s leading experts on radio publicity.

The numbers speak for themselves:
He has done more than ONE THOUSAND radio interviews (1,246 to be exact), captured well over $4,500,000.00 in free radio airtime, and generated more than $1,350,000.00 in orders directly from listeners … all without spending a DIME on advertising and rarely leaving the comfort of his own home.

Numerous major radio hosts have lauded him as the most popular guest in their history. Some have cancelled Hollywood Celebrities just to make room for him. Dozens have had him back on their shows again & again.

Alex will show you exactly how to extract a mother lode from the radio publicity gold mine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling books, products, services, seminars, newsletters, a website, a cause, or a campaign … YOU TOO CAN GENERATE A FORTUNE in radio publicity.



Alex will share secrets like:

  •  How he makes as much as TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A MINUTE on the radio

  • 3 keys to landing interviews on the Super Stations (ones with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS and EVEN MILLIONS of listeners) while avoiding the little ones

  • How to get booked as a guest . . . even if your topic is boring

  • 7 reasons why radio publicity is better than TV, hands down

  • 4 ways to get radio interviews and why only one of them is truly effective

  • Why a station’s wattage and market rankings are TOTALLY MEANINGLESS

  • Getting credentials to get you on the air, . . . even if you’re a nobody

  • How to create a press kit that will make producers BEG to have you as a guest on their show

  • How to get the radio station’s receptionist to work for you, FREE

  • A virtually unknown radio industry publication where radio hosts recommend good guests to other hosts, and how to get listed. HINT: IT CANNOT BE BOUGHT

  • Three secrets to getting invited back as a repeat guest … over and over again. VIRTUALLY NOBODY DOES THIS

  • A foolproof technique for JAMMING the radio station’s phone lines and why they love it so much

  • The 2 best days of the week to do interviews and why

  • A simple gimmick that costs LESS THAN A NICKEL, that can TRIPLE your response rate OVERNIGHT

  • Why “Public Affairs” shows are usually A WASTE OF TIME

  • The ONE SECRET that will get you more radio interviews than ANYTHING ELSE. . . . It’s SO SIMPLE and yet SO FEW people do it.

  •  How to use OTHER PEOPLES PUBLICITY to get YOU booked as the guest

  • A very simple trick to get the host to ask you the questions you want to talk about. It works MORE THAN 95% of the time.

  • A clever way to get the radio host to keep promoting you, WEEKS AFTER YOU’RE GONE

  • The secret to getting your interview scheduled in a PRIME DRIVETIME slot

  • Two reasons why taped interviews should be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS

  • The ONLY 2 answers to give when a producer asks if you’ve been interviewed on other stations in their market

  • The one thing that hosts want from their guests MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. It’s not what you might think

  • Three subtle, BUT ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL keys that send listeners SCRAMBLING FOR THEIR PHONES at the end of your interview

  • How to get huge amounts of PERMANENT FREE ADVERTISING on a radio station’s website

And just like all Tom Antion seminars you'll get lots, lots more!


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