Advanced Electronic Marketing TeleSeminar (Advanced ButtCamp)
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If you have a website that is already making money, then this teleclass is for you.

I’ll be going over 9 revenue sources you should be considering plus tons of advanced strategies and techniques to take the Internet part of your business to a much higher level.



You will learn:

  • The latest sales conversion strategies…turn the same number of visitors into more cash.
  • How RSS and XML are going to keep your Internet operation profitable in the future….bypass the spam filters to get your message through.
  • 5 Ways to Explode your affiliate income….let someone else ship the products and all you have to do is cash the commission checks.
  • Advanced Ebay Techniques . . . every little trick of the trade can push your income and lead generation through the roof.
  • Direct to desktop techniques that are getting better and cheaper . . . you can have gorgeous audio, video and text showing up right on a subscribers desktop.
  • 2 of the newest passive ad revenue generators that some say will replace Google Adsense
  • How to use dynamic sales letters and auto responders to maximize sales. . . . your prospects will feel like you are talking just to them….even though you and I know you could be handling 1000 people at a time.
  • 3 Ways to automatically reduce spam . . . we still have lots of email to deal with so you may as well keep the spam to a minimum.
  • The cheap and easy way to synchronize email all over your house and when you are on the road. – You’ll never have to try to import and export email files to keep everything straight and  this is Dirt cheap and very easy.
  • 9 Different ways to have Internet income pouring into your business . . . It’s the modern day “multiple streams of income”.
  • Black Hat search engine resources…learn how to cheat for quick cash.
  • Super tricks of using online Publicity to sell your products and services…expect lots of radio, TV and Print Interviews to come your way.
  • The latest ebay techniques to make money and gain leads . . . with 150 million users every tiny trick you learn can mean tons of money in your pocket.
  • The pay per click search engine techniques to get you instant targeted traffic. . . . I’ll tell you about the largest and most profitable engines.

PLUS there will be Tons (way too many to list here) of advanced techniques and tricks of the trade used by top Internet marketers raking in millions.

I’ll cover even more great stuff like:

  • Different formats for your ebooks that can boost your profits from the same material . . . once you’ve written the book you may as well maximize the returns.
  • Where to get free ebooks you can sell, giveaway or use to attract search engines . . . plus you need to know how to use this stuff correctly or it could get your website banned.
  • 3 Ways to get dirt cheap websites . . . you’ll probably want to kill your current web designer when you find out what you can get for 20 bucks.
  • How to create a mini-course that actually makes money . . . this is the cheapest and easiest product you could ever create.
  • How to get your audio files distributed worldwide for free . . . no sense letting the teenagers have all the fun.
  • 5 Ways to find out what’s “hot” on the Internet . . . If you like to create cutting edge stuff, then this segment will be for you.
  • How to use “clone” sites to dominate the search engine rankings . . .  without getting in trouble or tipping off your competition that it’s really you.
  • 10 Different kinds of moneymaking sites you can get for almost nothing . . . (yes, I know this sounds too good to be true, but I’ll prove it to you
    on the call)

I will also be covering many, many miscellaneous tips on this seminar….some of which could be the “tipping point” difference between a highly profitable effort and a so, so barely profitable one. Be ready for a rapid-fire array of tips that can make you big money.

My TeleClasses sell out fast and this one is going to get special attention because it’s the first ever where I bare my soul of all the advanced, sneaky, and high-level, yet easy to implement tips I’ve used to become an Internet multi-millionaire in a few short years.


In addition to the teleclass you’ll get a downloadable handout with all the links I’ll be covering during the event PLUS

  • Bonus # 1: You’ll get access to 160 Internet Marketing Resources at my exclusive Mentor Training Site
  • Bonus # 2:  You’ll get my  “Work For Hire” Agreement. This is the agreement I use when I hire a ghostwriter or programmer.
  • Bonus # 3: You’ll get my reading and educational material list. . . . I spend lots of money learning from other resources. I’ll tell you about the best of the best training materials that have made me money.

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