Tom Antion's Article Teleseminar
How to Use Short Articles (That you didn't even write yourself) to Sell Tons of Your Products and Services and Create a Totally Passive Income Stream

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This seminar will teach you exactly what the title says: How to use short articles (that you didn’t even write yourself) to sell tons of your products and services and create a totally passive income stream

Whether you like to write or not you can make a fortune using short articles in your business. If you don’t have a business yet, this is one of the least complicated and easiest ways to get started.



You will learn:

  • 11 Different ways you can use one article to create income for you and your family . . . your paybacks for doing this will be astronomical.

  • How articles are used to get your website ranked high in search engines . . .this simple method can have your site beating out million dollar websites.

  • Where to get custom articles written for as little as $3.00 each . . . this is one of the cheapest most reliable forms of promotion you’ll ever find anywhere.

  • The right way and the wrong way to put together article directories and how you can do it for free. . . . don’t waste your time and money compiling articles haphazardly. Unless you do it correctly, you won’t make any money.

  • How Google and Yahoo will send you money because of your collection of articles. . . . this income is about as passive as it gets online.

  • Where to find article templates so you can write your own unique articles really fast. . . . writer’s block is impossible when you have these.

  • How to pick article topics that make you the most money . . . you might be in love with your topic, but if the rest of the world isn’t, you’re wasting your time.

  • How to get other people to send you articles automatically and for free. . . . if you hate developing your own content, then this one tip will be perfect for you.

Special Bonus:

How to Recruit and Manage Young “Propellar Heads” who will be worth a fortune to your business. . . . If you get stuck with technical details all the time, it will really hurt your business growth. In this special bonus you’ll get invaluable tips on how you and a young person can help each other.

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