Back to Back TeleSeminars- Networking Extravaganza Learn the Art of Networking from a Hollywood Pro and an Internet Pioneer AND Watch Your Business Revenues Grow Like Never Before
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I’m Tom Antion and I want to tell you what you’ll learn by being on the calls with these highly successful and credible networking masters.


From George Lebrun you will learn: 

  • How to contact anyone from any business or company in America  . . . (yes, I know it sounds wild, but George will prove it to you on the call)
  • How to increase your revenues by 300%  . . . knowing the right people will open doors you never even knew to knock on.
  • How to conquer your competitors with power networking  . . . most people approach networking haphazardly. You’ll have a consistent and easy to implement plan to beat their pants off.
  • How to master networking, regardless of your personality type . . . networking with other people doesn’t mean you have to be the typical outgoing handshaker.
  • How George used networking to start a 100K per month business that he knew absolutely nothing about. . . . you can get break after break after break when you meet the right people.
  • How to achieve the most out of your speeches, events and conventions . . . most speakers go home with some business cards and their paycheck for speaking. You’ll know how to double, triple or quadruple the value of any speaking engagement or conference.

About George:

George has written and directed films for HBO, TNT and Cinemax, worked on the hit series "Thirtysomething," and worked in development for Ron Howard at Imagine Entertainment. Many of the self-help gurus have gone to George for help in their own businesses including; Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen and Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises. George has also stayed busy as an entrepreneur building a variety of small businesses which have had nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

  • George is also going to show you how to assess your ability to meet others and improve on that ability  . . . network is a skill and you can be way better at it than you ever imagined.

PLUS How George earned $250,000 in real estate commissions in only 7 months

On Wednesday night I’ll be Interviewing Max Steingart.

Max is an expert at using online Instant Messaging to Network around the world . . . without wasting your time at $35.00 networking lunches where you shake hands with a bunch of people that only want to get you to help them.

Max will teach you how to:

  • Meet the right people on the Internet . . .you’ll learn how to hone in on the good folks and stay away from the bad.
  • Use Instant Messaging to network with others . . . it’s costs nothing and lets you reach out around the world right from your desktop.
  • Join Internet communities with millions of members . . . you’ll have an unlimited supply of prospects and it won’t cost you anything to reach them.
  • Instantly get the people you contact online to like you . . . online networking has different rules that are very easy to learn.
  • Easily introduce your business or products to anyone online . . . do this wrong and you’ll be kicked out of groups . . . FAST.

No matter what product or service you represent or provide, the process is the
same when you network:

1. You make a new friend
2. Your friend learns what you do
3. Your friend wants what you have

  • You'll learn how other people are doing networking totally on line and how you can be doing it too.

About Max:

Max Steingart is the author of: “Shaking Hands on the Internet”; “Success Online”;
”Your Daily Motivation” and “Make the Internet Your Warm Market”. “Money Magazine” called him “The Matchmaker” 1983.  He was named "The Success Story of the Year" by INC Magazine five years later.   AT&T called him a visionary of the computer industry.

Today, Max is called the Internet Matchmaker because he helps people find their perfect match in business and love using Instant Messaging. He used IM's to build an organization in a network marketing company of over seven thousand people in two years. One of his students added 1000 new customers to her business in four months. He's helped dozens of people find the love of their life online too.


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