Deliver Paid Speeches Every Day and Never Leave Home:
How to Create, Distribute and Sell Products
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In this 2.5 hour teleseminar, you will learn how to multiply yourself and add a significant revenue stream to your business that allows you to help many more people than you could ever help in one-on-one consulting, coaching or doing speaking engagements. Plus, your information products will make you an enormous high- profit cash flow too.

This program is perfect for Marketers, Speakers, Coaches, Experts, Consultants, Authors and Trainers.

You Will Learn:

  • How you can create just about any product right at your desktop. . . . the equipment and software is now cheap and easy to use.

  • The three major categories of products and how you can create all of them quickly ... you'll capture all of the learning styles in your market.

  • About a super high profit product you can create and sell for zero cost the day after this seminar.. . . one of my colleagues bought a new BMW with this extremely simple technique.

  • The plusses and minuses of self-publishing. . . . I've cussed at a major publisher and I've cussed at myself. You'll find out why.

  • How to get your book published with little or no cash outlay. . . . play your card right and you can actually put cash in the bank BEFORE your book comes out.

  • Everything you need to know about ebooks. . . . The mainstream hasn't embraced them but niche markets eat them up. I pulled about 150K this year in ebooks.

  • How to package your products. . . Your products will look like they came from Neiman Marcus, but on a Walmart budget.

  • How one piece of information in your head can turn into at least 11 different products.. . .putting out even a few of these could easily quadruple your sales.

  • How to make an inhouse audio studio for less than 100 bucks. . . . one piece of software, a microphone, a cardboard box and some bedding material will give you sound quality rivaling the $200.00 dollar an hour studios.

  • How to get audio products on your website cheaply and easily. . . you'll get audio testimonials, send audio postcards, put welcome and demo material on your website for less than the cost of 15 minutes of techie time.

  • The latest buzzwords that get you maximum money for your products. . . perception is reality whenit comes to getting big money for your products. You'll find what works and what doesn't.

  • The cheapest and most effective way to get good video. . . You'll be pleasantly surprised that you don't have to hire an expensive pro to shoot your video.

  • About Podcasting and Internet Radio . . . broadcast and sell your message around the world.

  • Pricing strategies to maximize your earnings . . . learn how to price test your products to get every last nickel you deserve.

  • And as Always with Tom's Seminars . . . You will Learn Much, Much More

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