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Tom Antion goes into a different direction than usual. He discusses the mentality behind one of the most powerful and successful minds in the public speaking and internet marketing worlds.



You might not like what Tom has to say. You might be offended at his harsh and in your face language. But if you want to hear an uncensored opinion on high-level performance, then this is the Teleclass for you. 

SECOND WARNING: This Teleclass is NOT for the faint of heart…Tom tells it like it is so don’t purchase it if you’re going to whine about it later. AND don’t expect Tom’s standard fare of website addresses and immediately usable Internet and speaking techniques. 

This Teleclass has lots of learning stories from Tom’s life and experiences that you’ll actually have to think about and apply. 

One thing Tom will do is slam positive reinforcement.

Tom says: 

  • Delegation is a bunch of BS
  • Sleep is overrated
  • Balance is the dumbest concept he ever heard
  • If you’re kid is a jerk, it’s probably you that made him/her that way

No, this class will not be all rants and raves. The entire seminar is loosely based on the leadership principles of Tom’s dad - Sam Antion who was a quiet man who did great things. – Tom is not so quiet.

You’ll learn how 

  • You may be sabotaging yourself
  • The pursuit of excellence will make you feel and look like a superstar
  • To make your own breaks
  • You may be creating the next round of human losers.
  • To build credibility and how to turn it into big bucks.

Tom says most people don’t know what hard work is. They perform at about 10% capacity and think they are working too hard.

It’s time to take responsibility for yourself and to be a good role model for your kids if you have any. 

If you want to be successful, and if you can take a few slaps in the face, then this is the Teleseminar for you. If you’re feelings get hurt easily, then don’t purchase it.  

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