Business Building - 7 Steps to a 7 Figure Income Your New Years' Resolution to get your business going is here!
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With the start of a brand new year, I know exactly what’s on every entrepreneurs New Year’s Resolution list – To start and run a successful business, or get an existing business to the desired level of success!

What better way to do this, than to have 2 successful 7 figure entrepreneurs teach you the methods of Business Building themselves!

In this teleseminar, I interview Teresa Luquette. Teresa shows you all the necessary building blocks to a strong foundation of a successful business. Unlike my usual teleseminars where I go into one side of a business – Internet Marketing, in this teleseminar you will learn every single aspect of what a successful 7 figure business needs.

Teresa Luquette is a very successful multi-business entrepreneur who loves to pass along her methods of success through easy to understand, step-by-step, techniques. Read below to see the valuable things you will learn during this power packed teleseminar…



You will learn: 

        The importance of creating a vision for your business and how to distinguish vision from purpose . . . you’ll also learn the timeframe of each.

        The importance of why successful businesses have vision and purpose statements.  It’s easy to get yours done

        How to establish goals and set objectives with passion . . . . It will be simple and natural to accomplish your goals.

        How to analyze the history of your industry but how to see into the future . . . . You’ll get the tools to be able to predict and profit from new developments in your industry.

        How to develop “extra sensory radar” and “super awareness” . . . You’ll  reach success in your business faster.

        The three most important areas to synchronize in your business so you’ll have a stable and growing Million Dollar business . . . .You’ll have fantastic cash flow and build your long term wealth without sacrificing your life to get it.

        Where you’re leaving money on the table in your business . . .  You can scoop up more money and get more customers at the same time.

        About building your product pyramid so your customers . . . . Your customers go right up the pyramid and you get more and more business.

        How to go from the usual “al a carte” marketing systems used in most small businesses to a planned productive system. . . .You can use it over and over for consistent growth.

        What systems you need for a successful business and how to go about putting those systems into your business. . . You can have cash flow as long as you want and a business that can sell for $1M + when you’re ready to sell.

        Why money is never a problem in any business.  . . . I know this sounds outrageous, but Teresa will tell what the real problem that  most small businesses face that keep them out of the 5% that make it to 7Figures and beyond.

        How and when to build your team and what players you need to get your 7Figure+ Business. . . .mistakes here will set you back years in reaching your goals.

        How to implement an easy system to establishing and growing a 7Figure Business. . . . . The steps will be clear and easy to implement.   

In addition Teresa will go over the 7 Steps to Your own 7 Figure Business. She will discuss…Benefits of Planning, Strategies and Tactics for Business Building, and much more! 

She will go into great detail for each of the 7 steps.

  • Step One – Evaluation
  • Step Two – Objectives and Goals
  • Step Three – History of Your Industry & Business – Super high level of awareness!
  • Step Four – Marketing
  • Step Five – Management
  • Step Six – Money
  • Step Seven – Implementation

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