eBay: The Real Truth of Making a Fortune Online TeleSeminar with eBay Expert & Titanium PowerSeller Adam Ginsberg!
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Adam is a "Titanium Power Seller" on eBay. This is the highest level seller eBay has. Adam has sold more than $20,000,000.00 on eBay in the last three years.

Yes, that's right 20 million !!!

Watch Your Business Revenues Grow Like Never Before

Special Note:
If you think eBay is a bunch of cheapskates and bargain hunters, think again. Smart marketers are using eBay for massive lead generation, investing in real estate, buying and selling cars and selling all their products and services.



You will learn:

  • The size and scope of eBay . . . more business is transacted on eBay than in many small countries.... you can get your share of it.

  • How to find other products to buy below wholesale and sell retail on eBay without evening handling the product.

  • 3 key areas that all eBay sellers need to know. . . many people that start on eBay make dumb mistakes that make their auctions sell for way less than they should. You won't make those mistakes.

  • Why every small business owner and entrepreneur should take advantage of eBay and the Internet . . . just one reason I can think of is that I get 100-150 new customers a month that get exposed to my regular priced offerings.

  • How to create an additional passive income stream. . .
    auctions can be automated to list themselves with the money going into your account and the products shipping themselves.

  • How to get started immediately . . . there's no waiting to talk to a web designer. You can have money coming in tomorrow.

  • and much, much more.

    Listen, from what I've learned from Adam I've got my eBay operation up to about $7,000.00 a month and I don't lift a finger. I also get hundreds of new leads every month!

More on Adam Ginsberg:

In less than one year, he has become the #1 seller in the Sports Category and was named the #1 new seller on eBay in 2002. Adam's commitment to success on eBay is demonstrated by his outstanding (98%+) feedback satisfaction score and his Titanium Power Seller Status, eBay's highest level. He has established several successful stores on eBay and he has personally sold over $20,000,000 on eBay in the last three years.

Not just a "technology marketing wizard", Adam is an exceptional speaker and trainer. He presents practical step-by-step formulas which are easy to follow and implement and his casual yet informative style draws significantly from his own inspirational success story

He has been featured in Billiard Digest, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur and Fortune Magazines. He has also been interviewed and been seen on CNBC with David Faber and ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.

He has written the #1 Amazon Best Seller "How To Buy, Sell & Profit on eBay", a power packed instructional book detailing advanced selling strategies on eBay. Adam can also be seen live at his beginning and advanced training seminars conducted throughout North America.

Have you tapped into the 162 million people using eBay to find products and services just like yours? Have you received your share of the $42 billion in money that has changed hands in 2006 on eBay?

Adam was goaded into using the internet by his mother (a very funny story) while he had a retail store selling pool tables. He was sure no one would buy a pool table over the internet. Within twelve months he was selling 150 pool tables per week over the internet while his retail store was selling only three to four.

Adam found that you can even buy things over the web, repackage them and market them better and resell them at a higher rate just by working smarter. He's even done that with houses. He has purchased a house over the internet, repackaged it, and resold it for an instant profit of $11,000 without every have spent a dime in repairs or upgrades.

How would you like to learn to do that. And much more?

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